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We are all familiar with content management systems, where the content editor uses web forms to enter and edit the content on a website. hibuilder takes this one stage further.

A website needs hosting, system (back-end) design, web design and content editing. These diverse skills need to be brought together and coordinated. This is what hibuilder does.

hibuilder provides the hosting and the framework to support the system designer, web designer and content author.

We have a team of system designers, and work with freelance web designers and content editors to develop the website you want.

The first stage is to select your web designer from our accredited web designer list. They will analyse your requirements with one of our back-end developers and develop a structure for your website, and give you a fixed price quote for its development. If you prefer, contact us and we will help you select a web designer who fits your requirements.

Content creation is a time consuming and skilled task. You should not underestimate the commitment required to keep you content up to date. We can help you select an accredited content editor or we can train your staff to carry out this task. You may want us to develop the initial content and then train you to maintain it.

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