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Hosting is £85 for a year for each client account. This includes one free domain name (.com or only). Additional domain names pointing to the same website are £10 per year (.com or only - prices for other domain names are available on request).

If you are a web designer or a content editor we can bill you or your client directly for the first years' hosting. It is up to you what you charge your client for the services you provide.

Web Design and Content Editing
If you are the website owner, you may need to get a web designer and content editor to handle these aspects of your website. Your contract for these services will be directly with them and they will bill you directly for the services they provide.

System Design
To make your site unique and easy to manage, you will need system design. Currently, this is not available from third party suppliers, so this work will need to be ordered directly from us. The cost will depend on the complexity of the site. A typical small business site will cost around £600.

If you are a web designer or content editor you can buy one of our support packages. We offer email support at £20 per month, or phone support at £80 per month, regardless of how many clients you have.

The hosting package includes a half day training for the website owner, which is useful if you are maintaining your own content.

The online training course is free of charge. Just follow the instructions in your welcome email. If you have not received a welcome email, register here.

For Content Editors, Web Designers or System Designers we can visit you if you want a traditional classroom style training course. We offer training for up to 8 students at a time. Charges are £400 plus travel costs for a half day (modules 1 and 2) or £600 plus travel costs for a full day (modules 1,2 and 3). So, if you fill all the paces that's just £40 per student for the half day course!

All prices exclude VAT.

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