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How it Works

In addition to taking care of the hosting, hibuilder provides an infrastructure to support collaboration between the parties involved in your website. It also automates the more mundane aspects of the back-end system, freeing up the designer to concentrate on designing the elements that will make your website unique.

Either your web designer or system designer will manage the development of your website. They will arrange a meeting with you to find out what you want to get out of your website and design the data structure and navigation for your website. Your web designer will then prepare visuals for you to approve. In parallel with this, your system designer will prepare the content entry forms for the administration of your website.

If you have elected to do your own content editing, you should arrange training as soon as the data entry forms are ready. This will allow you to enter the content ready for the launch.

If you have elected to use a hibuilder approved content editor to enter your initial content, they should be provided with the information required for them to create the content as soon as possible.

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